“Lottery winners”—万事具备,只欠设计

step1: Show ss a few pictures about lottery or people who win $1 million and let ss learn some words of the lottery       
step2: Show ss the following questions: If you were a lottery winner, how do you deal with your money? What’s your idea about the
            best use of lottery money?                 
step3; do" true "or "false"  1.Ken Partridge is a teacher. 2.Winning money often means losing friends.3.when the money is gone, the
            dream ends , too     
step4: 1.What did Ken Partridge do when he won the lottery? 2.Is Winning a lottery a lucky thing or not?
Step5: Discuss the question in groups: How would you spend the money,if you became a lottery winner ? Ask students to write down the   
            results of their discussion.Then have a check .


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