Pre-reading activity of Lottery winners

   读前活动(pre-reading activity)以学生为中心,通过激发学生已有的背景知识,引起学生的阅读兴趣,使他们对阅读形成期待,从而为文章的阅读做好准备和铺垫。以下就是我对Lottery Winners 读前活动的设计:

     Step 1 Show some pictures and introduce words and phrases like lottery, lottery winner, fame, luxuary, solve problems etc. (这一步骤让学生对本篇文章的话题有了一个大体的认识,也展示了与话题有关的重要词汇,为学生的阅读减轻了阻力)

     Step2: Design a debate. Divide the students into two groups and make them argue over about whether winning a lottery is good or bad?(辩论可以充分调动学生的学习积极性,此外学生还可以锻炼用自己的话表达观点的能力)

     Step3: Ask the student to look through the passage and answer the quesstion: What’s Susan Black’s opion on winning a lottery?(经过一番激烈的讨论之后,学生想要知道文章中的人物的看法,激发了他们阅读的欲望。)


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