Pre-reading activity

Step 1 :I show the students some pictures of lottery tickets and ask the students

Question 1 what is this ?

This step is to learn the word “lottery” and write the word on the blackboard.

Step 2 Showing a picture of a lottery winner I will ask the students the following questions one by one

Question 2 .What happened to this man ?

Question 3 .Have you ever dreamed of winning a lottery ?

Question 4 .What will you do If you were a lottery winner?  (free-talk in groups)

         Will you be very happy and rich for ever  ?

This step is to present the topic to the students , arouse the interest of the students and lead the students in .

Step 3 Here is a real story about lottery winners . Let’s read it and see what happened to them .Are they happy in the end ?



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